The College of the Future: Overview


The College of the Future: the change has already started, I presume!

Rethinking Higher Education

Looking forward, the one certain thing I see is that there will be no single model for the “college of the future.” Just as Oxford and Cambridge have maintained their traditions while the British Open University has blossomed around them, the higher education space will be populated by an ever-expanding variety of diverse models. I believe these models will include technologically-infused campuses where full-time students live and commute, low-residency programs, learning centers, workplace-based programs, and cloud-based communities.

The one constant among them will be the technology-infused environment including data analytics and digitization that gives each model the capacity to operate effectively. This substantial diversification of the “ways and means” of providing higher education in the moment will also extend throughout life, with learners coming and going as needed, given their learning needs. Time will become the variable and evidence-based learning outcomes the constant in this world.

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