The University of Everywhere


Source: The University of Everywhere

TheEnd of College: Creating the Future of Learning and the University ofEverywhere,” Riverhead Books, 2015.)

KevinCarey’s March 5th NYT article



It is already happening. Eventually, we’re going to get there at some point in the future.

(Thursday March 30 2017)

Supply instructors’ struggles


A supply instructor visited me today. She was expressing her frustration since she started looking for a decent employment teaching English in Canada.

I do not know which good answer I could give to them. They get hired as a supply instructor not knowing when they will get calls for supply teaching hours in multiple organizations and wait. No calls are made by any instructor for months. They give up and gradually lose their hope in getting a JOB.

What training would they need?

They are looking for ‘connections’. The goal that should not be the goal becomes their goal. Should they be blamed for this tendency? Isn’t this safe to say our employment environment is indirectly leading them toward this direction because they want to ‘survive’?

What do they need?

Who can show them the right path they should follow?

Should this be up to their own learning, time and life lessons?

Thursday March 30 2017