Dealing with difficult situations at work


I can pay attention to details. This quality helps me meticulously plan for my duties and follow the procedures of the plans. Lesson planning takes me a long time but I accomplish what I plan mostly. The downside of it is that it takes too much time. Time Management can be an issue at times. Also, I disclose too much information to the listener and it can be overwhelming to some colleagues or students. Here’s what I am practicing now.

Basic principal of my approach: Mistakes are fine. Move forward with my lessons I take away from my mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes, fails in their trials, and learns from their failures. Failing is not the end of the road. Giving up is. As long as I don’t give up moving forward with my lessons earned, I will do better in similar situations in the future. I continue trying no matter what other people tell me what to do or what I shouldn’t do. I will listen to my intuition.

The Simpler, the Easier:

Facts – Facts are as data. Interpretation is not fact. It is my perception of somebody’s words or behaviors. Let’s focus on the facts when we need to deal with difficult situations.

Impact – At a workplace, feelings are not considered by my employer/boss/supervisor and even colleagues. They are not my family. I am not my employee’s mother or friend. ‘Caring’ has been ‘unnecessary feeling’ from my part. I wasn’t expected to ‘CARE’ for others. Especially, when there’s a power distance, we need to be aware that we are not friends or family. I keep my boundaries around them.

Time Limit – This is what I need to adjust better. I am caring. I pay attention to details. I listen. I try to understand. It takes time. However, it has worked against my time, energy, and working boundaries. Then, I change it. I set the time limit when I talk to a person. I inform the person of this time limit at the beginning of the talk. I keep track of the time so I do not go overtime. Otherwise, it may exhaust me or drain me and we do not want this.

Fair request: Agreed by both parties. Clear understanding of what is negotiable and what not is important.

Focus on one thing: What’s the priority here? One thing at a time.

Consequences: I can only do my best. Anybody can only do their best.


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