Workplace Communication Skills in Canada for ESL teaching professionals in Toronto

Reflections, TESL Educators

This is going to be the first book I write in Toronto. My first introductory part starts with the overview of the book. The entire content includes what has been observed very necessary for ESL teaching professionals, especially who are internationally educated/trained/practiced/experienced, to acquire, learn and develop in order to teach English in the Canadian ESL teaching settings no matter how experienced they are or how educated they are. The target students are adults including college students and mature adults including professionals in other fields. There is no well-known course in Toronto teaching these qualities and perspectives to new ESL instructors to Canada in a practical and applicational communicative context yet. I dare to start writing this book for ESL instructors who struggle at work while communicating with colleagues, asserting themselves with their supervisors, having a meeting with other staff or working with managers, subordinates, and coworkers for a project. I sincerely hope this book can share useful tools with those in need of better communication skills at work.

The content of the book is:

  • Expressing feelings appropriately
  • Expressing personal opinions appropriately
  • Making a clear agreement
  • Expressing disagreement openly, firmly and appropriately
  • Communicating about the boundaries at work
  • Asserting oneself with supervisors, coworkers, and other staff members
  • Negotiating with colleagues and employers
  • Compromising with colleagues
  • When communication principles are not shared with the other person

There will be persons’ names and situations involved in each context. They are not real people but invented names, characters, and situations even though they are based on realistic¬†situations at work.


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